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March 4, 2021  

Episode C - The 100th Star Wars Day

March 4, 2021


This week Pete, Rik, & Eden celebrate 100 episodes with our friends Jonny from My Star Wars Life Debt, Maria from Sistas With Sabers, Kyle from Tumbling Saber, Jeff Kelts aka The Metal Mando, and of course Izaak! Loads of #ComlinkChatter top off our 100th #StarWarsDay, so come celebrate with us!


Here are some links about our guests and #ComlinkChatter contributors:

- Jonny Orme and My Star Wars Life Debt Podcast can be found on Twitter @LifeDebtJonny and you can find his blog at mystarwarslifedebt.com.

- Maria can be found on Twitter @blerdgirljedi and you can find more information about Sistas With Sabers on Twitter @saberswith.

- Kyle and the Tumbling Saber podcast can be found on Twitter @TumblingSaber.

- Jeff Kelts aka The Metal Mando can be found on Twitter @JeffKelts.  Jeff recommends the Darth Vader deep dive music episode (https://jammedtransmissions.podbean.com/e/episode-xxiii-darth-vader/) and the Kylo Ren deep dive music episode (https://jammedtransmissions.podbean.com/e/episode-xlvii-kylo-ren/)

- Dallas Wood and Eric Strothers are from the Bad Motivators which can be found on Twitter @bad_motivators.

- Iraj is from the Sith List which can be found on Twitter @THESITHLIST.

- The Nerd Room Podcast can be found on Twitter @thenerdrm.

Thanks to all of you for helping us celebrate.  Please check out these wonderful podcasts if you haven't yet.  They are great friends who add to the positivity of the SW podcast community.


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